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About us

itn|vision develops apps and specified solutions for Debitoor

Who are we?

We are a software company that develops solutions and apps for Debitoor, Reviso and e-conomic.
Our address is in Nørresundby in Denmark, and from here we give a great service to customers all over the world.
We develop all of our solutions ourselves, and thereby we know every small part of our solutions.
As a result of this, we can easily and quickly help our customers, if they should experience any complications in the use of our products.

Our vision

We wish to become the favorite supplier of solutions that are able to make our customer’s work flow more efficient.
We make an effort to develop solutions that are specified to try to make a specific part of the company more effective.
We are very well aware of that two companies are not the same and that is why we can offer our customers package deals and individual apps.
In addition to that, we are able to develop and design a special solution for you that cover your needs.

Per Holm-Pedersen
+45 28 11 42 20

Nicolai Madsen
Marketing assistent
+45 28 86 15 55

Morten Holm-Pedersen
Sales manager
+45 25 62 26 00

Gabriele Caglio
Sales Manager Italien
+45 40 56 15 56

Jan Rosenberg Bruun
+45 28 11 42 18

Zlatimir Zahariev
Software developer
+45  28 59 07 76